On the goals, tasks, and destination of fundamental science


The status of fundamental science in society is determined by its search for knowledge to solve such tasks as:

  • Protection of civilization from outer space incoming threats;

  • Providing mankind with means of autonomous survival in space under any circumstances.

Such formula, if adopted, allows to take a different look at our priorities in politics, business, science, and other spheres of human activity.


The priorities of applied science are:

  • design and creation of technical means of capable of free transport in space without the use of non-reusable resources;

  • design of means and creation of facilities to obtain energy under conditions of absence of traditional resources.


Yuri N.Ivanov




About project

The project is based on the discoveries opening a possibility of development of new technologies in the sphere of propulsion in space and  energy production.


Projectís goals:

  1. Design of a functional device propelled by forces of a non-jet origin.

  2. Design of a source of electric energy (a cell type) capable of providing constant current for over a year period without a recharge.

  3. Design of a system to monitor landscape frequency state and for early detection of changes in seismically active zones.

Projectís tasks:

  • To conduct a series of experiments to prove the possibility of propulsion in space through control of internal forces of the tested system.

  • To design a functional model (prototype) of a craft to be tested in space.

  • To conduct additional research on the predicted method of energy production.

  • To design a functional prototype of a system to monitor geopathogenic and seismically unstable zones.

  • To create program software to visualize and detect hidden effects, properties and capabilities.

 *   *   *

Tasksí solution requires:

  1. Understanding of essence, importance and novelty of the proposed ideas.

  2. Desire to realize these ideas into functional devices.

  3. Vision of perspectives, commercial including.

  4. Understanding of the fact that the process of realization of these major tasks would inevitably lead to new discoveries and technologies.

  5. Financial backing.

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Proposal for professionals!

  1. Mutually beneficial cooperation.

   Perspectives: new level of industrial and technological development.


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Theoretical justification

Love the absence of meaningless noise!


Within the framework of rhythmodynamics, the task of objectís self-propulsion in free space without the use of external forces was solved!

Research has been done in revealing the causes of bodiesí inertial transfer in free space, as well as the processes which sustain such transfer. Mathematical justification of the researched processes has been created, computer modeling performed and experiments conducted indicating a possibility of creation of a new type of technical devices, space vehicles in particular. A scheme of such device has been designed capable of demonstrating a new principle of production of a propulsion force, without any traditional impact on the device. >>> ru



Head of the Project

Yuri N.Ivanov