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About project

The project is based on the discoveries opening a possibility of development of new technologies in the sphere of propulsion in space and energy production.

Project’s goals:

  1. Design of a functional device propelled by forces of a non-jet origin.

  2. Design of a source of electric energy (a cell type) capable of providing constant current for over a year period without a recharge.

  3. Design of a system to monitor landscape frequency state and for early detection of changes in seismically active zones.

Project’s tasks:

  • To conduct a series of experiments to prove the possibility of propulsion in space through control of internal forces of the tested system.

  • To design a functional model (prototype) of a craft to be tested in space.

  • To conduct additional research on the predicted method of energy production.

  • To design a functional prototype of a system to monitor geopathogenic and seismically unstable zones.

  • To create program software to visualize and detect hidden effects, properties and capabilities.

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